About Monkeyproof Fabric

Hi, I'm Amanda, and I run Monkeyproof Fabric! 

With the help of my little twin monkey boys, I aim to provide great quality fabrics in fun prints and patterns, at a reasonable price, with top notch customer service. 

Anyone with kids knows how brutal they can be on their clothes, and seeing them utterly destroy clothes that have been lovingly created is heart breaking, so I know the importance of only using the highest quality fabrics.  This is what I keep in mind when sourcing my stock; there is no point bringing in a fantastic print if it isn't going to last the distance. 

But it's not just about the kids.  On the rare occasion I have the opportunity to make something for myself, I want it to be comfortable, breathable, stretchable, washable, and most of all fashionable! 

To cater to that last point, I have recently started designing and collaborating with other teams to bring amazing original prints to the market. 

I'm looking forward to growing my business to support my family and give them a bright future!